The history of the company has its origins in 1994, the year in which Josep Mª Forteza, Víctor Forteza and Jordi Altés start their own business project and found Tecnics G3 S.L.

The origins go back further, dating back to 1985, at which time Josep Maria Forteza begins his professional activity in the field of Project Management, responsible for a team with a background in Quantity Surveying and Construction Site Supervision.

From the beginning, we saw the need to go a step further with our involvement with the client, aiming to provide an added value to the client´s participation in the construction process beyond the traditional form of Construction Management. Based on this idea, together with the issues faced by the client on a daily basis, whilst developing a management system for the design and construction work stages by which its nature of methodology, systematic and modeling, was without expressing, what is known today as Project Management (PM).

Our company is formed by people who are of the true essence and are our main asset. They began, mostly as juniors or even as interns. At this moment in time, they are all qualified professionals with a great prestige in the field.

It is essential, in our point of view, to create and maintain a stable, dedicated and capable team, so that the company´s excellence and performance is guaranteed whilst improving, day to day, the quality of our service. We are whom we are today and we will grow further, thanks to a group of professionals who feel part of a team, a project and an ideology. This is our mission statement that we have proposed from the directive at Tecnics G3.

This has earned us the recognition of our clients and enabled us to enjoy the confidence, that is essential in our field of work, to continue growing and overcoming situations such as the present climate, when the strength of our business project is more than ever our best ally.

The body of our activity is based on two areas of expertise that defines our scope of works:

  • Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying
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